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Germany always enjoyed a natural sympathy from the Indians primarily because of Max Müller, that renowned Oxford professor of Comparative Philology of German descent who, while doing painstaking pioneering researches into ancient Indian scripture, called India „the very paradise on earth“, without ever visiting the country.

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Nirode K. Barooah, German located Assamese, holds a doctorate in modern history from the University of London (1964) as well as from the University of Bonn (1975). He has done historical research both in the fields of Indo-British and Indo-German relations. He was formerly a research fellow at the University of Cologne and also taught history at the University of Delhi. He has several significant publications in this area to his credit.

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What is Indian history without Furtwängler? Cover of the book Franz Josef Furtwaengler and India by Nirode K. Barooah

Franz Josef Furtwängler and India

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The Life and Times of an Indian Anti-Imperialist in Europe.
Gopinath Bardoloi

Gopinath Bardoloi 'The Assam Problem' and Nehru's Centre


“…Barooah’s work (in Gopinath Bardoloi ‘The Assam Problem’, and Nehru’s Centre [2010] , based on intense and assiduous research, brings out his ardent admiration for Bardoloi as a liberal democrat, a dedicated champion of Assam’s contradictions and clash of interests in the multi-ethnic society of Assam and possessing a culture of accommodation.“

– Yogesh Puri